Accounted For: Can School Clinics Improve Attendance?

accounted for health"...Studies have found a positive association with school clinics and attendance."

The often complicated web of health problems that keep a child from attending school can be hard to untangle. On top of that, dealing with bureaucratic hierarchies, differing data collection methods and privacy concerns can be tricky.

The nonprofit Elev8 Baltimore runs three school clinics in partnership with Baltimore Medical System, a nonprofit health-care provider. Between 2010 and 2013, the clinics at three East Baltimore schools had a total of more than 11,300 visits.

"If we can remove all the barriers that keep a child from coming to school on a regular basis, that's a huge hurdle to overcome." — Nicole Johnson, senior director of Elev8 Baltimore.

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Mayor Rawlings-Blake announces DETAILS of new deconstruction pilot

Green Techniques will be better for our community

BALTIMORE, MD (April 4, 2014) - Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is proud to announce that Baltimore Housing will be launching a new deconstruction pilot program that will promote job training and building material reuse when demolishing blighted properties.

"This pilot program will not only put Baltimore at the forefront of environmentally friendly demolition practices, but also create job training opportunities for city residents that will help them attain better, higher paying jobs," said Mayor Rawlings-Blake. "I'm proud of Baltimore Housing for creating such an innovative opportunity."

Finding new and creative methods to address the costs associated with blight is a challenge for urban communities across the country. This City's contract will use green techniques to take buildings apart piece by piece, making bricks, structural lumber, and architectural elements available for reuse or repurposing while creating job-training skills for Baltimore residents. After an extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, Baltimore Housing selected Humanim as the nonprofit awardee of the pilot program. The deconstruction pilot program will begin by targeting 50 buildings. If the strategy proves effective at meeting environmental and job creation goals while delivering cost efficient demolition services to the city, Baltimore Housing will look to expand the program.

iScan awarded Maryland DHMH contract

iscansmall2 Million critical documents for the Board of Pharmacy 

iScan, a Humanim social enterprise specializing in document scanning and cloud-based document management, was recently awarded a contract to scan over 2 million pages of critical documents for the MD DHMH Board of Pharmacy. The contract will be performed onsite at the Board of Pharmacy in Baltimore City. iScan will employ 8-10 people with disabilities for up to one year to complete this project. iScan is Humanim’s first social enterprise, started in 1983.  iScan currently employs over 50 people with barriers to employment and is 100% financially sustained on earned income.


Recycling and Deconstruction: What It Takes to Get in the Game

fb-summitlogo2014SEA announces a 'Rockstar' Panel

Cindy Plavier-Truitt and Jeff Carroll to co-lead three hour, intensive, breakout session at the Social Enterprise Alliance National Summit 2014 in Nashville this April.

SEA's Session Description: "Recycling and deconstruction social enterprises are attractive to entrepreneurs and allies throughout the sector. They provide jobs to those facing barriers, reduce disposal cost, create positive environmental impact, and generate revenue by finding value in the waste stream. But what does it really take to get started? Join a group of deconstruction/recycling practitioners for a discussion on plain dollars and cents, risks, and next steps. You'll come away with new perspectives and a tool to anticipate profitability."

This panel will include:

  • Cindy Plavier-Truitt, CDO, Humanim
  • Jeff Carroll, Director, Details
  • Bill Morris, CEO & Co-Founder Blue Star Recyclers
  • John Gonas, Associate Professor of Finance, Belmont University

For more information about the Summit, or to register, visit the website:

Phone: (410) 381-7171 • Toll Free: (888) 374-8342 •
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