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Karen Booth appointed to Howard County Mental Health Task Force

Understanding the roles of Community Partners

kboothxparentHoward County Executive, Ken Ulman, created a Mental Health Task Force to develop an action plan for comprehensive behavioral health services throughout Howard County.  Humanim is pleased that Mrs. Booth, Vice President of Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services was invited to be a core-team member of this new initiative. 

In his letter to members, Mr. Ulman wrote “Mental Health issues have been at the forefront of our attention in the past year, particularly in the aftermath of the shooting at the Mall in Columbia – and revelations that the shooter suffered from significant but untreated mental health issues.” 

Baltimore Housing working to make a better Baltimore

Create jobs and improve lives

Details, a social Enterprise of Humanim, is very pleased to begin its deconstruction and reclamation work in Baltimore City's Vacants to Value program. Specifically, helping to remove blighted areas around railroad tracks to beautify Baltimore City. This new initiative of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will create jobs and improve the quality of life for Baltimore neighborhoods. To date we have employed over 25 city residents and reclaimed over 30,000 Baltimore Bricks! Check out our blog to follow our progress.

Deconstruction versus demolition:

...reuse and green jobs in the sustainable city

img 0700Today I had the opportunity to visit an exciting project a partner is working on. That partner, Humanim, is an NGO dedicated to workforce development and social enterprise. Their DETAILS program provides job training and employment for people in the local community with barriers to employment. They deconstruct vacant buildings and process the materials for resale and reuse. This diverts these waste streams from landfills (and avoids them being buried onsite) and converts these materials from a waste to a resource.

DETAILS is presently under contract with Baltimore City to deconstruct a block of row homes on Eager Street.

To see the full article, visit our friend at People and Trees in the Cities

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